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June 2024 update: 

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Guidance to resolve basic PIN reset issues:
To protect the card benefits from fraud, the selected PIN cannot be a sequence of numbers (1234 or 9876) or repeated numbers (1111 or 8888). Additionally, the number cannot have two or more repeating numbers (i.e. 1288) or more than two sequential numbers (i.e. 1238).
The zip code must match the zip code where the card was sent.
The date of birth must match the child on the card and must be in the format of mm/dd/yyyy.
The system times out quickly. If they delay putting in any of the required information, it may be a timing issue. It is helpful to  write out all the numbers you will need to submit them to have ready to type in. This includes the card number, zip code, date of birth (for the child on the card), and the PIN they would like to use (see guidelines above).
If households continue to have issues after following the above guidance, please call the SUN Bucks helpline at 317-234-4528 or submit to the online help form to escalate the issue.

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This message was sent via Infinite Campus on April 22.

​Parents / guardians,

Please verify that Marion Community Schools has the correct address on file for each of your student(s). The SUN Bucks Card (Summer EBT card) will be mailed to the address we have on file. Please contact your school by April 26, 2024, to make any needed updates to your address. Incorrect mailing addresses will delay receipt of your card(s) for qualifying students. A new card will be issued and mailed for each student.

You will receive an email informing you of your student(s) eligibility status. If your student is not automatically prequalified (Directly Certified), the letter will provide a link to apply for the SUN Bucks card.


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More information:

What is Sun Bucks?

SUN Bucks is a new program to help families buy food for their school-aged children during the summer. Families will get $120 for each eligible child to buy groceries during the summer. Children who get SUN Bucks can still participate in other summer meal  programs. Receiving SUN Bucks will not affect children or families’ immigration status. 

How does SUN Bucks work?

In Indiana, SUN Bucks will be loaded onto an EBT card and mailed to your home. If eligible, you can use SUN Bucks benefits to buy food like fruits, vegetables, meat, whole grains, and dairy at grocery stores, farmers markets, and other  places that accept SNAP EBT benefits. SUN Bucks is a  convenient way for you to help your children thrive. 

How do I enroll my child in SUN Bucks?

MCS will be mailing notifications regarding eligibility in the coming days.
If your household is notified of automatic eligibility, your child will be automatically enrolled in the SUN Bucks program. You do not need to fill out an application. You will get a card in the mail sent to the address your child's school has on file.  
If you are not automatically enrolled and believe your children are eligible, you can apply to receive SUN Bucks by filling out a simple application. 


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